How Do UFOs Work?

How Do UFOs Work? Many of you are looking for evidence of UFOs, but you fail to ask, how do they work? The UFO craft exhibits abilities that most human scientists fail to understand. They appear to travel from 0 to faster than light, almost instantaneously. They can travel in space, in air, in water, and even liquid rock. They are not aerodynamic in design, meaning that they do not use the principles of propulsion or air lift for flight. They can hover, travel fast, make 90 to 180 degree direction changes instantly, can disrupt our electrical systems, and can even use directed energy. They are able to emulate or behave like a photon, a particle of light.

The stars you see at night are many light years away to billion of light years away, but see their photons, their light. The light we see is very old, and does not show us their status today. Light, photons, are able to travel the universe, with no power source. The light you create with a flashlight or laser, is able to leave the Earth, and travel the universe. If you make a craft act like light, or a photon, you can travel at least light speed. The scientists, need to rethink science. Here are the articles we have made showing you science.

The simplest way to describe the behavior of the UFO, is a field drive that allows the craft to behave as a photon. These small craft are able to travel to the edge of our solar system in about 4 hours. The larger craft are able to travel between solar systems, and even galaxies. The city of God-Allah-Yahweh, known as the New Jerusalem, is a cube 1200-1500 miles. The interior space of this city-craft, is greater than the entire surface of the planet Earth. Let that sink in.

The capturing of light-photons inside loops such as fiber optic material, and put inside loops wound in opposite directions, can be made to concentrate the energy into powerful magnetic fields that cancel mass, and allow lightspeed or greater.

The power of God-Allah-Yahweh, and the Kingdom of Heaven, is beyond anything Humanity can possibly reach in a short time. For the EVIL and their followers, the arrival of God-Allah-Yahweh for the Great Judgement Day, will be viewed with terror. For the Righteous, who believe and follow the true ways of God-Allah-Yahweh, the arrival will be greeted with great praise, and great fear. Until we pass the Judgement, we shall fear being unworthy. God-Allah-Yahweh offers US immortality, freedom from pain and disease, and knowledge beyond our wildest dreams. We must be obedient to his laws, and act with civilized intelligence and wisdom. We must not act like primitive animals, using primitive concepts such as the violent pecking order. The World today is upside down, and in a time of trouble such as has not been seen since creation. The population of the Earth is too great for the Earth to sustain it, and the shifting of the magnetic poles is going to cause death and destruction, greater than ever in history. The predictions-prophecies are coming true, and God-Allah-Yahweh is coming to Judge Humanity, and save and reward his Righteous.

Our Prayers go to God-Allah-Yahweh to bless and protect the innocent, and to strike down and destroy those who would harm the innocent.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.